Skratch 7" Slipmat (single) w/ 1 x Slipsheet by Dr. Suzuki
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This all new slipmat design is the upgraded and improved successor of the third series Tablecloth. The fabric has been upgraded to a higher quality for durability and anti-static. As always, Dr. Suzuki products are hand built in Japan to give you the best performance and confidence in your DJing. Unlike the Kuttin' Donuts, these are a one level surface finish (aka Tablecloth like build cut down to a 7", but with newer and better fabrics). Also, included is 1 x Slipsheet. Take the performance on your turntables, mixing and especially skratching to the next level!
  • Never get frayed or torn edges
    Don't you hate those spread apart center holes? 
    Heat treated and specially coated edges will eliminate these headaches.

    Made in Japan 
    Manufactured in Japan by Dr. Suzuki 
    1 x 7" slipmat 
    1 x slipsheet included
  • Item #: Skratch 7" Slipmat
  • Manufacturer: Stokyo

Skratch 7" Slipmat (single) w/ 1 x Slipsheet by Dr. Suzuki

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